Supascoota Mobility Scooters on Sale

Give the Gift of Independence This Christmas Season

Holiday, Family, & Love.

We understand a mobility scooter is more than just transportation.  It is access to independence and confidence.  Let us help you find a gift that best works for your loved one's needs this Holiday Season.

Give the Gift of an Independent Lifestyle

Looking for something for someone special? A mobility scooter is the perfect idea!


Supascoota Model Comparison Chart

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Supascoota Mobility Scooter

I am so happy I found this! Scootaid helped me choose between the 3 models and I love my Supascoota.  Customer for life!


Customer Service

Scootaid is a small company so I felt it was easier to work with them and get answers to my questions.  They made me feel important and supported in my decision making.  They are kind and always on time.  I love Scootaid! Thank you for your help  Scootaid.


Massage Chairs

I have lower back pain and was searching for more of a deeper pressure solution for my daily struggle.  Scootaid knows the massage chair business and they have the best chair!  I use my chair every morning before work and it sets me up for more energy and I am in a better mood all day. Sometimes I also use it before bed if I am looking for a deep night's sleep.  The massage is relaxing and deep and just what I had been searching for.


Travel Scooters

I love my scooter.  I fold it and take it everywhere on my trips.  Scootaid was helpful to teach me the differences between the 2 models I was considering and was more concerned about getting me into the right chair rather than making the sale.  I loved that about them and I would recommend them to my friends.


Outdoor Scooters

Scootaid got me back on my trails!  I love the outdoors and thanks to Scootaid I am living life again to the fullest!