Friends help replace 10 year old's wheelchair

Facebook friends joined together to raise money to help the child's parents get the supplies and equipment needed for their little boy.

Friends are joining together to help a 10-year-old boy get a new wheelchair. The Buckles family says it was stolen, along with the family's van full of medical supplies.

Every step is a struggle for Adam. He was born with Spina Bifida, a birth defect where the spinal cord fails to develop properly.

"At this point he has no independence aside from us," said Jerene Buckles, Adam's mother. "We work really hard for what we have and you just took it away from us, took it away from him."

Less than 24 hours after the Buckles moved to the Houston area, they say their van was stolen from a parking lot outside their home. The medical supplies their children depend on were gone too.

"These were very valuable things, life necessary things... robotics, walkers, other medical equipment we needed," said Buckles.

The family filed a report with Harris County and eventually they say the van was found, but it was stripped.

"It really first started with Jerene saying we are having problems getting a good wheelchair for him," said Sarah Trost, a friend.

So, a group of Facebook friends joined together to create Wheels For Adam, to raise money to help.

"I hope they are able to get a van, not just a wheelchair... everything they need to care for their large wonderful, beautiful family that we love," said Trost.

This mom of six says she's learned an important lesson.

"There are good people out there... who see our kids as valuable and worth everything we know they are worth," said Buckles.

It's given this mom hope that soon her son will have wheels again.

For more information on Wheels For Adam, click here.

Grace White, KHOU 11 News12:17 a.m. CDT April 30, 2015