JBIT MedPro by Former NBA Player Jonathan Bender

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The JBIT MedPro is an unparalleled device designed to complement rehabilitation and fitness regimens by providing relief of chronic pain.

The JBIT MedPro has a built in patent pending Zero-G Technology that immediately causes a reduction of lower extremity pressure on the joints which can greatly reduce joint pain. 

The JBIT MedPro strengthens the core and upper and lower extremity muscles, aiding in the relief of back, hip, knee and shoulder pain, and helping to relieve body aches and pain.

The Inscrutional Video Series is made up of 11 videos performed by Jonathan Bender that simply walks you through everything there is to know about the JBIT, even a few tricks and tips.

Each box includes : (1) Back pad/waist belt, (1) waist belt extender, (3) sets of leg resistance bands (extra light, light and heavy), (1) pair of ankle sleeves, (2) sets of arm resistance bands(extra light and light), (1) set of handles, (1) gel heat pack and (1) stretching band